Psalm Zero

Psalm Zero was formed in 2012 by Charlie Looker (formerly of avant-rock outliers Extra Life) and Andrew Hock (of black metal experimentalists Castevet). The duo’s collaborative voice has earned them a unique place within the world of heavy music, bringing together disparate aesthetics from industrial, black metal, post-punk, and pop songwriting, as well as drawing more subtly from neofolk and classical music. Psalm Zero’s debut album The Drain was released in 2014 by the venerable cult metal label Profound Lore Records, to much critical acclaim.

Over the course of 2015, Psalm Zero will release 'The Birthright Trilogy' through Black Mass. Each cassette single will be accompanied with an exclusive B-Side and music video.

Purchase Psalm Zero's first single in the Birthright Trilogy 'Real Rain' HERE.